Noisy condenser

Common Causes: 1) An unbalanced Condenser Fan blower. a) This is a very rare condition, but I’ve personally come across such before. Normally, the outdoor condenser fan has 3 fan blades. Should any of the fan blade breaks off, the fan will be so unbalanced in weight that it causes the entire condenser to vibrate vigorously. If […]

Aircon turning on/off by itself

Common Causes:Fear not! It may just be a very simple problem. This problem can be cause by a couple of  possibilities (ranking from the most probable): 1) A faulty miniature aircon ON/OFF switch. Most probable (and cheap to repair)2) A faulty aircon remote controller that keeps sending signal repeatedly.3) A faulty aircon PCB (printed circuit board, […]

Condensation on casing/copper pipes

Tucked inside your PVC casing are the insulated copper pipes and PVC condensate water pipe. Under normal condition, there shouldn’t be any condensation.When there are abnormal condensation, it could be due to: 1) A dislodged PVC condensate water pipe due to poor installation. I shall try to explain this subject in layman terms, so engineers […]

Ice on fan coils

a) Abnormal gas pressure: ice usually develop when suction gas pressure has dropped to ~ 40psi to 45psi (of an r22 system). As such, it could mean that your system has a problem of gas leak. Special attention must be taken when working on an Inverter system. Because an inverter air conditioner regulates its compressor rotational speed, it […]