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Please note that I only specialise in Chemical cleaning, decided to focus in this specialty and does it exceptionally well, for this i know i can offer the best value in terms of results and the money you pay. “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” Cheap is often expensive in the long run.

Scope of Work Unit Price (each)
ChemJET Servicing wall mounted aircon.from $250each
This patent granted cleaning method is way better than the “chemical overhaul or chemical servicing with full dismantle”. (click to watch video)

ChemJET Servicing Ceiling mounted/Cassette Unit/Ducted Unit (click to watch video)fr $800 each
HydroJet Outdoor Condenserfr $148
Replacement of Thermistor (click to watch video)fr $188
Replacement Remote Signal Receiver Sensorfr $188
Replacement of Starter / fan running capacitorfr $188
Replacement of Magnetic Switch/Contactorfr $250
Replacement of Compressor Overload relayfr $250 each
Replacement Compressor Shock Absorbers (3 Pcs)fr $250
(3 pcs)
Fan motor overhaulfr $250 each
Fan motor replacementfr $380 each
Water tray and pipe outlet modificationfr $188 each
Water tray replacement (broken)fr $248 each
Supply and installation of external water pump fr $480 each
Supply and install internal drain pump for Cassette Unit Air conditioner *pricing includes dismantling, troubleshooting and $480 each
Swing louver motorfr $168 each
Replace Faulty PCB (FCU).fr $380 each
Replace Faulty non inverter type PCB (outdoor)fr $380
Replace Faulty inverter type PCB (outdoor)fr $800
Replace Faulty Remote Controller (original)fr $168
Gas Top Up – Gas requires no top up unless it is leaking, unless you are certain it is a slow gradual leak, topping up gas doesn’t make any sense, it may run out of gas very quickly. ***Don’t be fooled by bad business practices for some extra quick bucks. Watch Video on why aircon gas leaks.

R-22 (non inverter), labour / transportation charges included
For details please read Things Technician Does That Sabotage Your System
fr $128
R-410 or R-22 (inverter), labour / transportation charges included (Gas Top Up)* for small/medium sized domestic air conditioners, refrigerant charge less than 2KG. 
** for commercial units like VRV or refrigerant charge > 10KG


For details please read Things Technician Does That Sabotage Your System.
fr $180 – $250
Drier filter (external)fr $168 each
Patch Leak (Blazing), single pointfr $148 each
Paid Assessment (first hr $250, subsequent hr $180)
* most problems can be diagnosed via phone support (its free of charge), I’m most happy to help you out via phone support or watsapp if i’m available to do so. I normally provide free phone support while commuting from one place to another, because that time is technically free and i hate to waste it, I’ll rather put it to good use.
** avoid free or cheap troubleshooting (nobody can run a business for free or priced too cheaply for man-hour services)
$180 (hr)