Noisy condenser

Common Causes: 1) An unbalanced Condenser Fan blower. a) This is a very rare condition, but I’ve personally come across such before. Normally, the outdoor condenser fan has 3 fan blades. Should any of the fan blade breaks off, the fan will be so unbalanced in weight that it causes the entire condenser to vibrate vigorously. If […]

Aircon turning on/off by itself

Common Causes:Fear not! It may just be a very simple problem. This problem can be cause by a couple of  possibilities (ranking from the most probable): 1) A faulty miniature aircon ON/OFF switch. Most probable (and cheap to repair)2) A faulty aircon remote controller that keeps sending signal repeatedly.3) A faulty aircon PCB (printed circuit board, […]

Aircon gas leak

What causes Aircon Gas Leak? Your aircon shouldn’t leak gas at all; if it was properly set up, gas will not leak even after 10-20 years!Now, lets take a good look at high risk areas where gas leaks often occur. 1) At the locking nut area. Picture of the nuts removed. The ‘o-ring’ seal will leak […]

Types of Aircon compressor problems

1) Compressor overheating : A compressor can overheat due to:a) A choked condenser or a condenser fan that is spinning too slowly.b) Too much or too little gas in the system. For more details, please read compressor.c) A worn out compressor.d) Compressor oil turned bad, thus generating high friction and heat. Read compressor.e) A choked drier […]