Aircon remote controller is not working

1st:First, make sure that you’ve got new batteries replaced. It takes very little electricity to show the display on the remote controller, doesn’t mean the batteries are OK. The batteries may be too weak to send the signal across to the air conditioner. 2nd :The same brand of air conditioner usually have more than 2 different  types […]

Noisy condenser

Common Causes: 1) An unbalanced Condenser Fan blower. a) This is a very rare condition, but I’ve personally come across such before. Normally, the outdoor condenser fan has 3 fan blades. Should any of the fan blade breaks off, the fan will be so unbalanced in weight that it causes the entire condenser to vibrate vigorously. If […]

Aircon turning on/off by itself

Common Causes:Fear not! It may just be a very simple problem. This problem can be cause by a couple of  possibilities (ranking from the most probable): 1) A faulty miniature aircon ON/OFF switch. Most probable (and cheap to repair)2) A faulty aircon remote controller that keeps sending signal repeatedly.3) A faulty aircon PCB (printed circuit board, […]