Aircon is not cold at all

Diagnostic Steps

Fundamental Concept:

When it feels warm while your hand is placed right at the outlet, it means, the air conditioner is not producing cold air at all. It cold be due to:

a) a faulty indoor pcb that doesn’t send a request to the condenser, or
b) the condenser receives a signal from the indoor unit, but is not processing it, or
c) a faulty starting capacitor that doesn’t kick start the compressor, or
d) a compressor that runs out of gas (gas leak), or
e) a faulty compressor, or
f) the compressor has overheated and shut down, or
g) the outdoor fan motor is jammed or spoilt, or
h) the outdoor condenser is choked


When an air conditioner is not producing cool air, it can be caused by a number of factors. Most people jump to the conclusion that it has run out of gas. Nevertheless, this is the least probable of all. Ranked highest is in fact:  “c) a faulty starting capacitor that doesn’t kick start the compressor” for a non-inverter system.

Nevertheless, we will guide you step by step to help you streamline what exactly had gone wrong.

Systematic Troubleshooting :
Step 1:

Make sure that the remote controller is set to the “cool” mode or the snow flake icon.

Step 2:

Can you see the front of the condenser? Is the fan turning? Note: if you cannot see the front of the condenser, take a piece of paper and put it on the condenser fan coil;if the fan is turning, it will suck the paper towards it.

Is the fan turning?

1. Yes
2. No

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