Types of Aircon compressor problems

1) Compressor overheating :

A compressor can overheat due to:
a) A choked condenser or a condenser fan that is spinning too slowly.
b) Too much or too little gas in the system. For more details, please read compressor.
c) A worn out compressor.
d) Compressor oil turned bad, thus generating high friction and heat. Read compressor.
e) A choked drier filter / capillary tube / expansion valve.
f) Capillary tube undersized, faulty expansion valve.

2) Compressor Jam.
For more details, please read compressor.

3) Compressor Trips Circuit Breaker
For more details, please read compressor and power trip.

4) Compressor spins too slowly (for inverter system)

Some high efficiency label inverter system (4 ticks and above) may program the system with very low starting running amp. Such system may suffer from slow cooling effect especially if the room has a direct heat source. Users may have to set the aircon at very low temperature to force the system to cool down faster before changing the temperature to the “normal” temperature.

Under/over charging of refrigerant can cause abnormal compressor speed. Do not disturb the gas system! It needs no refilling (unless its leaking).

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