Aircon Astiquer Pte Ltd is a company that takes on aircon cleaning from a disinfection perspective. Our patent granted invention thoroughly disinfects your aircon, removing, viruses, bacteria and mold. On top of that, been able to carry out such thorough cleaning without having to dismantle the aircon off the wall is well received by our customers, especially by those who had experienced gas leak from dismantling the system. To repair a gas leak is often so expensive, it often result in total system replacement.


Aircon Astiquer was established in 2001, a time where internet connection was via a dial up 56k modem and company listings were published on  Yellowpages and Greenbook, which list companies alphabetically. Company name that starts alphabetically with numbers or letter A, finds themselves on the top of the listing. That’s how the very difficult to pronounce Astiquer name comes about. Astiquer is an old french word, pronounced as STK, which means to polish an artefact to perfection.

The Founder:

Hi, my name is Kevin Tan. I graduated from University of London in 1988. Stripping stuffs to the core was my obsession since young and that has led me to understand many fundamental basics about mechanical and electrical/electronics stuff. This led me to become the first person in the world to design and built the very first non dismantle aircon cleaning machine using very high pressure jet. Every single component, including the electronics pressure regulator was built by me. The first machine was assembled using Aluminium housings. Later on, i learnt to fabricate using fibreglass material. Strong chemical, electricity and water is quite a dangerous combination in the design of a working system. I’ve experience countless times where i was electrocuted and leaking chemical splashing onto my face and eye. I perfected the system after 7 years of refinement.

Running my first Full Marathon

My Inventions:

CLEANING SYSTEM AND METHOD (IPOS patent number 201202052-5)


6th machine- look at the height!   
7th machine, aircon in cabinet
7th machine, TV under aircon