Aircon water dripping

What causes aircon water dripping?Your aircon, which is cold, will naturally produce condensation. Thus, all air conditioners have an inbuilt water collection tray, which is connected to a water pipe to discharge the condensate water. For more details pertaining to condensation, please read condensation. Common Causes, watch video (Part 1, water dripping caused by Jelly): Part 2: what […]

Aircon gas leak

What causes Aircon Gas Leak? Your aircon shouldn’t leak gas at all; if it was properly set up, gas will not leak even after 10-20 years!Now, lets take a good look at high risk areas where gas leaks often occur. 1) At the locking nut area. Picture of the nuts removed. The ‘o-ring’ seal will leak […]

Aircon remote controller is not working

1st:First, make sure that you’ve got new batteries replaced. It takes very little electricity to show the display on the remote controller, doesn’t mean the batteries are OK. The batteries may be too weak to send the signal across to the air conditioner. 2nd :The same brand of air conditioner usually have more than 2 different  types […]